Fire is Joy. We humans have been playing with Fire Spirits for ages and ages. They scare and delight us in equal parts. Fire carries luxury and healing into our lives, but it also partners with us to destroy. Sometimes, Fire gets away from us, wreaking havoc on our forests, our cities, even within our bodies. It’s an intricate and precise dance we do with Fire. In Fire, I see Beauty, Power, and a passion for Life I see no where else. Fire is Joy. 

  • Technique: Ice Dye
  • Focus: Fire
  • Number of Pieces: 15
  • Size Range: quarter yard to yard
  • Materials: Kona Cotton, Fiber Reactive Dyes

My Thoughts on the Work

My Muse suggested I take my Ice Dyeing to the next level by choosing a Focus for my work. This, she said, would allow the energy to flow through me into the fiber. I figured she’s never steered me wrong yet, so why not? 

Fire was my first focus. It was August. Wildfires were taking hold in the forests in our region. I’ve long had a fascination with Fire and the Spirits that dwell within those flames. I also loved the idea of using frozen water to express the energy of Fire. 

The results were far more interesting than I’d anticipated. My Muse was right. This focus idea for my work turned out to be something I wanted to explore further!