Inside My Studio

My hubby and I decided to combine our entertainment and relaxation space into one during the Pandemic. My Art-making fills our perimeter, and his video gaming and theatre fill the center. We have a small couch, which Mud Paw Rain Dog loves to lounge upon while I work and stand where Kikko can oversee the progress. Sometimes I listen to tv shows or podcasts while I work sometimes audiobooks. Our space is small, but it’s cozy and creative and my favorite place to be. 

My Studio Is My Playground

My Muse

I’ve spent my life chatting with The Folk and dreaming of being an artist. Art is a place to play and grow, just like a proper playground. Good playmates are essential to any good playground. Mine are Muses all, and one, in particular, shows up whenever I arrive. I feel enormously blessed to have made the connection with my Muse. She’s made my art deeper and more fulfilling than ever I could have dreamed it could be.