Water is life. It births us into being. From Water we learn to flow and to swim and to wade into the deepest, scariest parts of ourselves. Water heals and regenerates and sustains. Water is the Eternal Mother. 

Like all good Mums, Water is Ferocious and Strong and capable of doing what’s needed to protect and care for all her charge…Humans and non-humans alike. Rain is Water’s gentle answer to Fire’s Passion. Rain quenches where Fire burns. Rain soothes where Fire Rages. Rain revitalizes where Fire has cleared away that which no longer serves. Water is life.  

  • Technique: Ice Dye
  • Focus: Rain
  • Number of Pieces: 11
  • Size Range: quarter yard to yard
  • Materials: Kona Cotton, Fiber Reactive Dyes

My Thoughts on the Work

After the success of my Fire Ice Dye Series, I decided to ask my Muse for inspiration for a second series. Rain seemed the natural and wisest choice, so I went with it. I dyed this series in late Summer, very shortly before the return of our Rainy Season and amid Fire Season. I was thinking of the deeply cleansing and revitalizing nature of the rain. I was thinking of the beauty it brings – mushrooms fruiting most especially. And, I was thinking of the balance water makes to fire. We needed Rain to help contain wildfires in our area that year. “Water is Life,” my Muse said. She’s Right!