A Tree’s Life: Tree and Rock Series


A Tree’s Life is about living here in the Pacific Northwest. Roots dig into soil and rock, gripping and stabilizing. Fire flows below the Earth’s crust. Water and Sky mix in a wonderfully nurturing flow of rain, fog, and sunny heat. All the elements have a say in A Tree’s Life.

  • Materials: commercial cotton, cotton-polyester thread, eco felt.
  • Series: Tree and Rock
  • Size: 35 inches x 70 inches (89 cm x 178 cm)
  • Completed: Fall 2018
  • Current location: Private Collection, NFS

A Tree's Life

My Thoughts on the Work

I loved the composition of this piece. It was my first large artwork in this series and overall. I used many fabrics from the first four in the series so that it would harmonize with them. I loved the colors and the concept. Those all worked well.

My frustration with this piece is the warp I introduced when I chose my layering material, eco felt. As it turns out, eco felt is not nearly as stable for me as it was for Georgia French. Georgia showed us what she’d been working on with it at a Valley South SAQA meeting just as I was completing the top. I gave it a try on a very small piece, for which it worked nicely. As I worked on the quilting, I noticed it was warping. No matter what I tried, I was unable to balance the stitching to reduce the warp.



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