Resting Volcano Face, detail 2

Resting Volcano Face

Resting Volcano Face was inspired by Mount Hood and the collection of resting volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest where I live. I love how peaceful

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Tonight, detail 1


Tonight, the crescent moon shines deep in the hills. Rose and I are letting our hearts mend. The quiet of the dark sky, stars shining,

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Break on Through, detail 1

Break on Through

The Veil mostly keeps us anchored solidly in our own world. But, occasionally, it’ll part for you. It’s far more ephemeral than it looks. For

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Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Sisters. The elemental forces that create our world are like siblings, at odds with one another at times. Demanding attention, drawing

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Fire Under Earth

In the Ring of Fire, we all live with Fire under Earth. The Iching describes this energy as Darkness, a time when the Earth swallows

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