Elemental Day by Candace Hunter

Elemental Day

Fire, Water, Earth, Air. That’s what it’s all about. Elements make up our world. We dance with them day and night. They color our lives

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Pieces' World View

Pieces’ World View

Water, Water Everywhere! That’s what a Pieces sees. It’s a unique world view we share, A softness and heart-centered way Of seeing everything and everyone.

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Petals by Candace Hunter


Petals of Viola sooth and soften. In Spring, they’re a balm to winter’s cold, dry conditions. In Summer, they ease sunburn and heat rash. In

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Yin Becomes Yang

Yin Becomes Yang Yang Becomes Yin In a swirl of motion there’s always that stillness within Waiting to become. Poised for Action But not yet

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Big Dream, detail 1

Big Dream: Renewal Series

Renewal requires organization amid chaos. After the destruction of what was and the stillness of incubation, comes the beginning of something new. That something new

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Mid-West is about the the confluence of Mother Earth’s fertility, Forest and Plains, Big Sky and changing seasons, Corn and Farming. It looks simple on

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Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Sisters. The elemental forces that create our world are like siblings, at odds with one another at times. Demanding attention, drawing

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