Elemental Day

Elemental Day by Candace Hunter

Fire, Water, Earth, Air.
That’s what it’s all about.
Elements make up our world.
We dance with them day and night.
They color our lives with beauty and intensity.
Fire, Water, Earth, Air.
Today, Let’s Play.

  • Materials: Cotton, cotton-polyester thread, dye.
  • Series: NA
  • Size: 22 inches 44 x inches (56 cm x 112 cm)
  • Completed: 2023
  • Current location: Private Collection
Elemental Day by Candace Hunter
Elemental Day

My Thoughts on the Work

I built Elemental Day from inspiration after I built Elemental Night. I wanted to build a second piece about Elemental forces. I asked for help from my Muse, and my Muse delivered. I built Elemental Night and Elemental Day in tandem. The work flowed beautifully until the end. As so often happens, the work on both felt incomplete. I looked at them and sat with them. Then, I got what I needed.

The final touch was inspired by Will Mitchel, who suggested a technique for looking at my work differently. That made all the difference. With his help, I saw the last lines I needed to see, the elemental line that connects Elemental Night with Elemental Day.

Elemental Day by Candace Hunter Elemental Day by Candace Hunter



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