Petals by Candace Hunter

Petals of Viola sooth and soften. In Spring, they’re a balm to winter’s cold, dry conditions. In Summer, they ease sunburn and heat rash. In Fall, they give the bees one last nip of pollen and nectar before a long winter’s sleep. Viola petals are a joy to behold any time of year.

  • Materials: Cotton, wool, cotton-polyester thread, beads
  • Series: NA
  • Size: 20 inches x 20 inches (51 cm x 51 cm)
  • Completed: 2023
  • Current location: Private Collection

Petals by Candace Hunter

My Thoughts on the Work

Petals was a playful piece to build. It began with experimentation with a new technique. The bits I created in that first experiment were set aside until a January Starts series. It took a few iterations before I saw the pieces coming together. The last part was a marriage of two of my favorite fibers: Wool and Cotton. As I worked, I thought a lot about the power of the humble Viola. It’s supremely soothing and sweet. I aimed to capture a little of that sweetness in Petals.

Petals by Candace Hunter Petals by Candace Hunter Petals by Candace Hunter



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