Coalesce: Transitions Series


From seeming thin air, new ideas are born like flowers blooming into being. They start off a little wobbly, perhaps, but soon find their stripes and bound forth into our world. Some are quiet, cool, and collected. Others inspire Passion, Fire, Change. Those are the truly Great ideas, the ones that Coalesce into a Life well lived. 

  • Size: 18 inches x 19 inches (45 cm x 48 cm)
  • Materials: Hand-dyed and printed cotton
  • Completed: 2022
  • Series: Transitions
  • Current location: Private Collection
Coalesce: Transitions Series
Coalesce: Transitions Series

My Thoughts on the Work

I wanted to explore the point where ideas shift into something new and begin to take shape in Coalesce. Those moments are fueled with fire and passion, but they don’t always have to be super dramatic. Often, the most impactful ideas are the ones that quietly slip into our being, coloring our world just a little differently than before, reshaping our passions and fueling our fire. The red with waves of stitching around the flower is about the way a new idea can affect everything around us. The central flower is that new idea, just coming into being while all the other ideas jostle and collect about it. The attention we give to that new idea is what makes it the one that’s Coalesced into being.