Resting Volcano Face

Resting Volcano Face, detail 2

Resting Volcano Face was inspired by Mount Hood and the collection of resting volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest where I live. I love how peaceful they seem on the surface. Deep within, each one has the potential to erupt in a Holy Explosion of boiling earth and ash. There is such power within this range. And on the surface, they’re so serene, so quiet. Resting Volcano Face is deceptively peaceful.

  • Materials: Cotton, cotton-polyester thread, dye
  • Series: NA
  • Size:18 inches x 18 inches (46 cm x 46 cm)
  • Completed: 2024
  • Current location: Private Collection
Resting Volcano Face by Candace Hunter
Resting Volcano Face

My Thoughts on the Work

I used my Dye Later process for Resting Volcano Face. I had just finished Tonight, and I had just enough space left on my canvas for two smaller pieces. Resting Volcano Face evolved from my thinking about the nature of my local mountains, many of which are resting volcanos. I wanted to capture the seeming peace they represent. It’s so very easy to pass them by every day on the way to work or school or errands and barely give their tame slopes notice. Mount Helen reminded us a few decades ago that she and her cousins are anything but tame. Those slopes cloak powerful energy.

Resting Volcano Face, detail 1 Resting Volcano Face, detail 3



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