Divine Egypt’s Fire Series

Divine Egypts Fire Series

All the pieces in this series were cut from a single piece of ice dyed cotton cloth. That piece went through two dye sessions, one to create the overall color and one to add the detailed color patterns.

In the dyed patterns, I caught some of my first glimpses of my Muse’s influence on my work. Faces peered out at me from amid a fiery landscape. In all honesty, it was intimidating.

I began construction on Sekhmet’s Solar Flare in answer to the call for SAQA Trunk Show pieces. The call defined the size of the piece and gave me the start to my series. I cut and finished Ra’s Garden within days of completing Sekhmet’s Solar Flare. Maahe’s Day off was completed a month later.

The last piece, Heka’s Hideout, took me longer to complete. I saw Heka, then didn’t, then did, then didn’t. I needed to do some deeper Spiritual work before I was ready to work with Heka’s energy. It took me roughly a year after completing Maahe’s Day Off to work on Heka’s Hideout.

All these pieces were sewn on a domestic Bernina sewing machine using primarily free-motion stitching.



Tree and Rock Series

Taekwondo is where my journey began. In Songahm style taekwondo, the Pine Tree represents the strength and loyalty one builds through the practice. The Rock

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