Falling, detail 1

Falling is about the tumble that carries a seed from one world into the next. It’s about being that seed, exploding into Life itself.

Contained within that seed is the pattern for life. It explodes forth as the seed germinates, creating a window between potential and manifestation. It’s like a tunnel, stretching from the darkness into the lightness of Life.

If you let yourself, you, too, can fall into Life.

  • Materials: Hand-dyed cotton, cotton-polyester thread.
  • Series: NA
  • Size: 16 inches x 16 inches (41 cm x 41 cm)
  • Completed: 2023
  • Current location: New Zone Gallery, $69 Contact Gallery to Purchase
Falling by Candace Hunter

My Thoughts on the Work

Falling began with a Start in January 2022. It was a seed in itself, really.

I let it wait for just over a year until I decided to revisit it. The inspiration came from looking at a box of 100 wt thread I’d received as a gift for my previous birthday. I’d been too intimidated to try the thread on anything. What if it didn’t look good when I was done? What if the thread kept breaking and I lost patience? What if I ruined whatever I was working on with it?

My Muse reminded me that I could begin with a Start. Practice there, and if it didn’t come out the way I wanted, that’s okay. It’s just a Start, after all.

I felt into this piece, and a new door opened for me. What, in Start form, had looked like a piece about death and darkness took on a new light in my mind. Instead of Autumn, I saw Spring. Instead of Death, I saw Life. Instead of an ending, I saw something new and fresh just waiting to be born. Falling really is about falling through the doorway from one place into another.



American 2024, detail 1

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