Mushroom Eyes: Tree and Rock Series


Habitat is more than a place. It’s a mindset that fits perfectly in that place, too. Every fall, I venture into Chanterelle’s forest. Douglas-fir soar overhead, but my attention is on the understory. A thousand mushrooms hide there amid fallen leaves, needles, fern and Oregon grape, singing a song only the initiated can hear. I don my Mushroom Eyes and let go of my human thoughts. I follow in Elk’s footsteps, traveling through their territory with a light foot and Deep Gratitude. Chanterelles, Amanitas, and many other fungi-friends trill with joy, welcoming me home to our shared Habitat.

  • Materials: Commercial and Artist-dyed cotton cloth, glass seed beads, polyester thread, ink and pigment ink.
  • Series: Tree and Rock, #7
  • Size: 35 inches x 54 inches (89 cm x 137 cm)
  • Completed: 2020
  • Current location: Private Collection, NFS
Mushroom Eyes
Mushroom Eyes, photo by Angelia Peterson,

My Thoughts on the Work

I loved working on this piece. I designed it initially for the Oregon Region SAQA Habitat exhibit. Although I wasn’t accepted into that show, I felt successful with this piece.
I wanted to express my experience of what it’s like to go mushrooming in the Oregon woods. For me, the woods in the fall are a Sacred place. I seek Chanterelles and often find lots of Amanitas in the process. That’s why I chose those specific mushrooms for this piece. I wanted to invoke the rough texture of the leafy understory in the lower third of the piece. This was my first attempt at adding dimension to a work. I think it worked out beautifully.



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