Tree and Rock II: Tree and Rock Series

Tree and Rock 3

Tree and Rock II is about the middle passage of life. The Tree is clinging to a small patch of ground amidst a flooded river. The rock in the foreground is understated, quietly waiting for the waters to recede. The flooded river is like the tides and business of life through one’s middle ages–the kids and careers, spouses and households, seemingly endless demands that daily threaten to overtake your peace and quiet. The tree, who guards her patch of island amidst the flood, stands with quiet majesty and dignity, that which we so fervently desire to cultivate through our middle age.

  • Size: 27.5 inches x 23 inches (70 cm x 58 cm), framed
  • Materials: commercial cotton, cotton-polyester thread, Douglas-Fir.
  • Frame: Patrick Hunter, Douglas-Fir
  • Completed: 2015
  • Series: Tree and Rock, #3
  • Current location: Private Collection, NFS

My Thoughts on the Work

In one’s middle age, life grows more complex, so I wanted to increase the complexity of this work. I added handsewn detail to the area around the rock and worked with free motion quilting techniques to hint at water lapping around the tree’s island. I also added more detail to the stitching around the sun and to the sky.

I used all cotton fabrics for the top and batting. The backing is bamboo. I used hand and machine stitching, applique, and quilting techniques for this piece. Most of the fabrics can also be found in The Master Tree and Tree and Rock I.

Tree and Rock II is a 20 x 14 inch quilt framed in Douglas-fir. The frame was handbuilt by Patrick Hunter.



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