Tree and Rock III: Tree and Rock Series


After a long day, sunset over the beach is a welcome respite. Tree and Rock III is about the third phase of life. In our elder years, we look over our lives, hopefully from a place of serenity. The sun sets as the tide is rolling out. The tree’s roots curl around the rock like gnarly old hands. This is a view of a life well-lived, peaceful, and filled with the wisdom that only comes from truly living.

  • Materials: commercial cotton, cotton-polyester thread, Douglas-Fir.
  • Frame: Patrick Hunter, Douglas-Fir
  • Series: Tree and Rock
  • Size: 19 inches x 26 inches (48 cm x 66 cm), framed
  • Completed: 2017
  • Current location: Private Collection, NFS
Tree and Rock 4
Tree and Rock III

My Thoughts on the Work

I set out to complete my Tree and Rock series with this piece. My aim was to explore the third phase of life in Tree and Rock III.

I chose to be more distinct with my tree. Rather than the general tree forms of the previous three in the series, I chose to get specific. I aimed for the look of a Douglas-fir. As I worked, I found myself clinging to the work. I loved each step more than the last. I realized I wasn’t done with this series…how could I be when there was still so much left to explore?

I used machine and hand applique, piecing, and quilting techniques for Tree and Rock III. I chose cotton fabrics for the top and batting. The fabrics are mainly those used in the previous pieces in this series. I aimed to simplify the overall design while keeping some of the more detailed work I used in Tree and Rock II.

Tree and Rock III is an 10.5 x 18.5 inch quilt framed in Douglas-fir. The frame was handbuilt by Patrick Hunter.



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