Tree Divas II: Day: Transitions Series


Have you ever caught yourself on the edge of sleep in that space between dreaming and waking where you can see those strange faces peaking out of the shadows? 

That’s where the Tree Divas live. Just out of sight, yet right there unmistakeable. They help us slip between the worlds, for better or for worse. Spend too much time with them, and you’ll forget where the edges of reality are. Let go, and you’ll be stuck in the flatness of purely the five senses. 

Balance your Day and your Night…and you’ll awaken to the true magic of our world and theirs. 

  • Size: 15 inches x 40 inches (38 cm x 101 cm)
  • Materials: Hand-dyed cotton, cotton-polyester thread.
  • Completed: 2022
  • Series: Transitions
  • Current location:  Private Collection
Tree Divas II: Day: Transitions Series
Tree Divas II: Day: Transitions Series

My Thoughts on the Work

When Day Dreams are far better than real life, it’s time to put your feet back on the ground. Let the edges of the world seep back into your focus. Remember the power you have when you see the world through Adult Mind. 

Tree Divas I and II is about the spirits that live among us, and the transitional place between Child Mind who so easily sees them and Adult Mind who so easily dismisses them. 

From a distance, you see the ice dye patterns. Those patterns recall faces and shapes, just like the faces and shapes we saw in nature all around us when we were kids. 

As you draw closer to Tree Divas, Adult Mind kicks in. You see the shapes of a tree against a simple landscape. Adult Mind notices the detailed thread lines that create those shapes. 

At first, you want to look with either Adult Mind or Child Mind, but there’s a comfortable place in the middle that allows you to step back and forth between them easily, revealing the transitional nature of both Mother Earth and your own perceptions. 



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