Buzzing Courtship Mini-Series

All Mine: The Minty Bees Mini-Series, detail

Bees see the world in a way that’s different than our own. They are drawn to the vibrance of the flowers, a vibrance our human eyes don’t quite detect. Bees love Spearmint flowers for their medicine and their sweetness, of course, but also for the intense burst of energy Spearmint packs into every drop of nectar. Those flowers may be small, but the Bees don’t mind at all.

How Do They Know?

How do the Bees see those tiny flowers from so far away? How do they know they’ll find the nectar they’re after? I envisioned Spearmint sending out vibes like a landing strip, pointing to the sweet nectar they offer. “Here I am!” Spearmint says, and the Bees Just Know.

All Mine

When the Spearmint in my garden is in bloom, the buzz about the plants is phenomenal. Bees come from Everywhere to partake in that sweetness. I imagine that if a single Bee has the opportunity to arrive at a flower all alone, quiet, with room to breathe, she’s gotta to be thinking “Yes! It’s All Mine!!”


Spearmint is a looker, despite his somewhat demure nature. He adorns himself with pretty little flowers, most of which are far too tiny for we humans to appreciate. “It’s not the size that matters,” Spearmint says. “It’s what’s inside!” Spearmint offers up a lightly scented nectar to draw in Bees from all around. He offers them the sweet medicine they desire in exchange for a little pollination service. True Romance is knowing what your partner really wants.

  • Size: each approximately 10 inches x 10 inches (24 cm x 24 cm)
  • Materials: Hand-dyed cotton, cotton-polyester thread, purchased hand-dyed rayon by Sandra McMorris Johnson.
  • Completed: 2022
  • Series: Buzzing Courtship Mini-Series
  • Current location: New Zone Gallery, How Do They Know? $48, All Mine $53, Romance $58 contact gallery to purchase

My Thoughts on the Work

I wanted to create a set of three smaller works for the gallery that would hang well with Spearmint Buzz. I was thinking about the little nooks so many of us have where wall space isn’t big enough to hold a larger piece but still feels empty. The bees spoke up, wanting a more center-stage role. I listened.

I chose one of the hand-dyed greens I hadn’t used in Spearmint Buzz for this mini-series to pair with slices of hand-dyed rayon I’d purchased from Sandra McMorris Johnson this summer. Together, they created the kind of bright and joyful background I was aiming for. I drew on my work with Spearmint Buzz as I created each blossom, plant, and Bee. My aim was to simplify as much as possible to capture the experience the Bees have. They are capable of being far more single-minded and focused than we humans seem to be, wouldn’t you say?



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