Spearmint Buzz: Tea in the Wild Series


When life’s a buzz with activity and you’re overwhelmed, Spearmint is the best friend you could ask for. Calming and steady, Spearmint knows how to stand amid the buzz unruffled. Honey bees especially love Spearmint blooms, perhaps because they know what it is to have a lot to do and little time for rest. 

  • Size: 19 inches x 39 inches (48 cm x 99 cm)
  • Materials: Hand-dyed cotton, ink, commercially printed cotton, embroidery floss, cotton thread.
  • Created: November 2022
  • Series: Tea in the Wild
  • Current location: New Zone Gallery, $384 contact gallery to purchase

My Thoughts on the Work

Spearmint is one of my digestive favorites, but my appreciation of this mint goes well beyond an after dinner sip. Spearmint’s got beautiful anti-illness wrapped in that sweet scent. It’s calming without sedating. It’s stimulating without exhausting. It’s my go-to when life’s gotten a bit overwhelming and I need the energy to carry on while longing for just five minutes to think. Just think. 

I wanted to express the feeling I get from watching the buzz of activity that happens when Spearmint is in bloom in my yard. Bees come from all around to partake in the nectar Spearmint offers. That part of the garden thrums with activity, but somehow it’s never disruptive to the rest of the community. The whole garden, Spearmint included, feels at peace despite all that motion. I think of Spearmint as Bee Medicine. 



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