Heka’s Hideout: Divine Egypt’s Fire Series

Heka's Hideout: Divine Egypt's Fire Series, detail

Heka, the Egyptian God of Magic and Medicine, has been a part of the Egyptian pantheon from the very beginning. He’s not one of the big names we know today, but he was a household name in Ancient Egypt. His magic was the most primal force that fueled the magics and powers of all the Deities. Without Heka, Ra’s daily journey across the sky would have been perilous; Heka protected him from dangers as he traveled. He also stood behind all the Gods and Goddesses; Heka’s was the core of the magics they all drew upon. Healers gave thanks to Heka daily as they drew upon this magics to help their patients heal. Despite all of that, there were no significant rituals dedicated to Heka. He was the support but rarely was Heka front and center on stage.

Magic hides in the flames. Fire transforms rapidly, radically, powerfully. Of the basic elements, it is the one where the most action takes place, and I reckon it’s the one place where Heka can duck out for a bit of rest and recuperation, hidden from everyone without actually being out of reach. Wasn’t mastery of fire what we humans consider the defining skill of our species?

  • Size: 14.25 inches x 19.25 inches (36 cm x 49 cm)
  • Materials: Hand-dyed cotton fabric, cotton/polyester thread
  • Created: October 2, 2022
  • Series: Divine Egypt’s Fire series, #4
  • Current Location: Private Collection, NFS
Heka's Hideout: Divine Egypt's Fire Series
Heka’s Hideout: Divine Egypt’s Fire Series

My Thoughts on the Work

I finished the first three works in this series and then I stalled out. It took me a year before I was quite ready to tackle this one. Why?
Mainly, I had a hard time seeing Heka. One day, he’d be right there, obvious as the Sun in the sky. The next, I saw nothing. Four or five times through out the year, I pulled the remaining piece of fabric out and stared at it to no avail. I wasn’t going to force this one into being.
While I waited, I did a series of deep healing works in partnership with an energy healer and then on my own. The Folk helped me clear a mountain of old stuff that had been obscuring my perception. After the last session, I felt my Muse calling me back to this series.

And there he was. Heka himself stepped out of the mists and smiled at me. He was ready. I was ready. The piece came together rapidly and joyfully. I think Heka’s Hideout may have been the most gratifying and satisfying piece of the series, but don’t tell Maahe, Ra, or Sekhmet that!



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