Maahe’s Day Off: Divine Egypt’s Fire Series

Maahe's Day Off: Divine Egypt's Fire Series, detail

Maahes, son of Sekhmet and Ra, earned many names in his career. Lord of the Massacre, Wielder of the Knife, The Scarlet Lord, and Lord of the Slaughter are some of the most famous monikers Ancient Egyptians ascribed to the Lion-God. He was a fierce Warrior, defender of justice, and Avenger of Wrongs who served Ma’at, upholding her rule with ferocity and deadly skill.

Even Warriors need a day off once in awhile…

  • Size: 10.75 inches x 16.75 inches (27 cm x 42.5 cm)
  • Materials: Hand-dyed cotton fabric, cotton/polyester thread
  • Completed: October, 2021
  • Series: Divine Egypt’s Fire series, #3
  • Current location: Private collection, NFS
Maahe's Day Off:Divine Egypt's Fire Series
Maahe’s Day Off:Divine Egypt’s Fire Series

My Thoughts on the Work

About a week after I finished Ra’s Garden, I spied Maahe. At first, I didn’t recognize him. I spent some time with my Muse. She patiently tried to point me toward his name; I researched until I found the name of the Egyptian Deity who’s qualities and story matched what I saw in the being in the fabric. When I found his name, I could feel my Muse jumping for joy. She really is quite patient with me.

I love how Maahe is gazing down and away from the flames. It is as if he’s making a little space between himself and Ra’s flames. Even the most energized and fierce warriors need a day off to rejuvenate.



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