Sekhmet’s Solar Flare: Divine Egypt’s Fire Series 1


Sekhmet’s Solar Flare reminds us of our connection to the Fiery power of the Sun. Daughter of Ra, Sekhmet the lion-headed goddess is equally at home amid war, battle, and chaos here on Earth or strolling the flares and heat of her father’s palace. She calmly handles fire of all kinds, showing us how to walk through the Solar Flares of our lives with power and grace. 

Fire season and solar flares are stoking tempers and anxieties as I created this piece. I saw in the dye’s patterns the gaze of Sekhmet on the flames about her, calm and poised, aware of the transformative power inherent in those flares. This piece is my reminder that part of growth includes turning up the heat once in awhile. Like Sekhmet, we can remain calm and appreciate the power of transformation blooming about us when the Sun Flares and the Fires Burn.


Sekhmets Solar Flare
Sekhmet’s Solar Flare

My Thoughts on the Work

This piece was designed specifically for the SAQA Trunk Show call. It’s one of the very few I’d designed for a call to date. The call was specific in size requirements, so the small size was as much as by design as inspired.

The initial piece of fabric I used for this whole series reminded me of a fiery landscape. I cut the piece for this work after seeing Sekhmet amid the fire. I love how the stitching lines help to highlight her. I aimed to do the same with the fiery elements, too. I wanted the stitching to bring out what I saw in the dyed patterns so that when you get close to it you can see what I see. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the results.



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